3 Must Have Massage Therapy Tools for Your Mobile Business


As a licensed massage therapist, you probably already know that to go out on your own and start your own business, you'll need to be mobile. This means having your basic tools like a massage table and oils. That's only the tip of the iceberg though. If you want to start your own mobile massage therapy business, there are other must have tools you need to consider. Here are three of them and what you need to know about purchasing them for your business.

2 October 2015

3 Benefits of Massage for Post-Operative Rehabilitation


There are many different surgical procedures that are required for a variety of different reasons. No matter what type of surgery you might be forced to undergo, it is essential that you make rehabilitation a priority. Post-operative rehabilitation involves the care that is designed to help your body recover in the shortest amount of time possible. Surgery of any type can put a lot of strain on the body. After any surgical procedure, natural movement must be re-learned, and this can be done most effectively through remedial massage.

30 September 2015