Making Goals: How Massage Can Help With Stress And Injuries

Welcome to my blog everyone. My name is Joan Templer, and I am the manager of a successful netball team. I am a firm believer in combining excellent coaching skills with physical and psychological therapy to produce the best players possible. One of the most important aspects of our team preparation is ensuring that players have access to quality massage services. Over the years, I have seen considerable evidence that regular massage helps reduce injury recovery time and relaxes players so that they perform at their best. Of course, you don't have to be a sportsperson to suffer from stress or injuries. For example, many office workers are under daily pressure and gain various aches and pains from hunching over desks. I have started this blog to sing the praises of regular massage and explain the different techniques available. Please browse and I hope your life can be stress-free.

3 Benefits of Massage for Post-Operative Rehabilitation


There are many different surgical procedures that are required for a variety of different reasons. No matter what type of surgery you might be forced to undergo, it is essential that you make rehabilitation a priority. Post-operative rehabilitation involves the care that is designed to help your body recover in the shortest amount of time possible. Surgery of any type can put a lot of strain on the body. After any surgical procedure, natural movement must be re-learned, and this can be done most effectively through remedial massage. Many people assume that massage is only beneficial for people dealing with back pain, but it can offer three key benefits to people recovering from surgical procedures.

Increases Circulation

One of the biggest benefits of remedial massage is the ability to increase circulation to the area most affected by the surgery. If the surgical procedure involved the shoulder or the calf, these are the areas that would be targeted through massage. This could result in the circulation to these areas being increased. This allows for more oxygen and nutrients to travel to these parts of the body through the blood. All tissues and vital organs require nutrients and oxygen for healing. Simply having circulation increased to the affected areas will allow for healing to occur at a faster rate and for the body to not be impaired after surgery.

Lessens Scar Tissue

One thing that surgical patients need to be concerned with is the occurrence of scar tissue. After a surgical procedure is performed to any part of the body, it can often result in the formation of scar tissue. However, remedial massage is designed to help the body fight against scar tissue formation in a natural way. The soft tissue within the affected area can benefit from nutrients and oxygen. This means that massage can be sued to help break up the scar tissue and keep it from developing. Scar tissue is something that doctors are concerned with after most surgical procedures, but massage can lessen this risk considerably.

Improved Movements

Depending on the surgical procedure that is performed, your natural body movements can be impaired as a result. Massage can be used to help you naturally improve flexibility and retain the movements that you had in your muscles. Allowing your muscles to have more elasticity is a big benefit that can be gained from massage. This is especially true of athletes that have undergone surgery to repair a torn muscle or ligament within the body.

For more information about the benefits of remedial massage, talk to your doctor or a local massage clinic. 


30 September 2015